Our Mission

In 2015 after Ashly passed, Brian began the unimaginable process of grieving the loss of his first-born daughter. This time was filled with pain and questions as he learned to accept his new reality. Brian always hoped to be able to step away from his daily responsibilities long enough to properly grieve and reflect on Ashly’s life – a trip that never occurred. Five years later, Brian has cultivated a place where Ashly’s life and passions can be honored, while bringing hope to families that have experienced pain similar to his own. In 2020, the Ashly Whitmer Correa Foundation was founded in order to honor the legacy of Ashly through inspiring lifelong learning and education to children through the giving of scholarships for faith-based academics, music programs, and summer camp, while providing emotional support to families that have experienced the loss of a child by providing an opportunity for retreat and reflection during bereavement.