Brian Head Shot

Brian Whitmer

Brian is our Founder, who leads our team in every step with grace, passion, and humility as we honor the life of his first-born daughter, Ashly.  Brian grew up in the music industry, as he spent most of his childhood in his Grandfather’s music store and saw first-hand the influence that instruments and music can create in an individual’s life. Developing a deep love and commitment to it, Brian’s enthusiasm lies in introducing the world to the positive encouragement of music, especially to his two daughters.  Not only did Brian gain an incredible appreciation of music, he also inherited the entrepreneurial mindset which allowed him to carve his own path to incredible success in business, and ultimately philanthropy.  Over the past 40 years, this intense motivation has allowed him to establish meaningful relationships and become well connected to impact his community and abroad, as he has also spent much time working overseas.  Brian is dedicated to spending his life caring for others and meeting the needs of families who have experienced an unimaginable loss similar to his own.  He has a powerful message of hope that comes from his life experiences, coping with the unexpected, and embracing the joys and challenges of being a Father and a Parent.  One of Brian’s favorite things is with pen in hand, writing encouraging notes, with a humor that is only his, and with the sole purpose of uplifting others.