Selina Head Shot

Selina Schaub

Selina is our Co-Founder/Education Director and our International Liaison, who leads in the coordination of global accommodation and travel.  Born and raised in Switzerland, Selina cherishes the simple pleasures of nature, contributing to her affinity of experiencing the beauty of new places.  With a deep love for adventure and service since her youth, Selina has spent over 20 years of intentional travel, working in different facets of healthcare, establishing lasting relationships and global connections. Consequently, Selina has dedicated herself to the study of language and culture, and can have fluent and meaningful conversation in German, English, Italian and French.  Along with spending time with her Son, Daughter and four Granddaughters, Selina enjoys hiking, running, mountain biking, kayaking and hot spring soaks, and recovery from long days is found in her love of music, art, movies, books, and photography.